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10 Best Recurve Bow: A Guide from Beginner to Advance Level

best recurve bow

“The history of the bow and arrow is the history of mankind,” said Fred Bear, a forefather of American bowhunting. Archery is one of the oldest art popular since ancient times. Earlier, people used the best recurve bow and arrows for hunting, and later on, they started to use them for warfare and military superiority.

The craze for archery didn’t end there, and it’s still practised in today’s modern times as a competitive sport and rarely for hunting too. Moreover, choosing the best archery bow would help you to lead the sports. 

10 Best Recurve Bow Picks for 2022

Our Pick1
Best recurve bow
Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow-Best Budget Bow

Best recurve bow
SAS Sage Takedown Recurve Bow-Combo Package Kit

Best recurve bow
SinoArt 66″ Metal Riser Recurve Bow-Best Competition Bow

Best recurve bow
Bear Archery Grizzly-Best Recurve Bow for Hunting

best recurve bow
AFarchery Turkish Recurve Bow-Best Traditional Bow

best recurve bow
PSE ARCHERY-Best Youth Recurve Bow

best recurve bow
Southwest Archery Spyder-Hunting and Target Bow

best recurve bow
TOPOINT ARCHERY R3-Hunting Recurve Bow and Arrows

best recurve bow
Black Hunter 60″-Best Takedown Bow

best recurve bow
HYF Recurve Bow-Best for Right Handed Athlete 


There are different kinds of bows, and recurve bow, also known as takedown bow, is a simplistic type very close to traditional archery. It only consists of a bow and string with no cables or pulleys. Picking out the best recurve bow is not easy, especially for those who are new to archery and often get confused with the wide variety available everywhere on websites. 

That’s why we curated a comprehensive guide to making your bow buying journey easy. If you are an absolute beginner, our roundup for the best recurve bow for beginners will suit you. Whether you’re interested in buying the best recurve bow for hunting or the best Olympic recurve bow, we are here to show you a crystal clear roadmap.

1. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow-Best Budget Bow:

Samick Sage is undoubtedly one of the best recurve bow brands. It’s not only perfect for beginners, but as you improve through the steps from beginner to intermediate, and even after advancement, you’ll find this option irreplaceable.

Best recurve bow

Above all, it is the best recurve bow for the price; you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. Samick Sage is super easy to set up compared to other takedown bows, and it doesn’t have complications you might face in assembling its competitor’s bows. Also, the limbs of the bows are replaceable with relatively stronger limbs. You don’t need to buy a new bow as you get experienced with time, you can simply upgrade the limb, and it’s another fantastic feature.

Key Features:

  • One of the great features of the Samick Sage Recurve bow is an excellent bow for tall people as it’s 62″ 
  • It has a 28″ draw length with a choice of draw weight from 25-60 lb to fit your needs.
  • The Samick Sage has a medium-low wrist grip, which is a good angle, and shooters find hunting comfortable with this angle.
  • It is made of lightweight maple wood and easy to carry for everyone so that no one would get tired.
  • Its hand orientation feature is also worth mentioning; both right-handed and left-handed bows are available.
  • Limbs are interchangeable and can be purchased separately.
  • Best economical recurve bow, you don’t need to spend hundreds of bucks, and you can buy Samick recurve bow for under $200.


  • Durable and light limbs
  • Great bow for beginners to advanced archers
  • Right and left-handed options


  • Some users experience a short life of the string.
  • It picks up aesthetic dents easily
  • A high frequency of vibration

So, as a beginner, you can start with a 20-pound draw weight; as you get some experience, you can move to the 30-pound draw weight to shoot arrows comparatively faster. Moreover, the 62-inch draw length is perfect for tall guys, especially those taller than 6 feet. In general, bows need to be 40-pounds to use for hunting, but the Samick Sage is specifically designed from 25-pounds to 60-pounds, with a wide range of draw weights. 

2. SAS Sage Takedown Recurve Bow-Combo Package Kit:

If you’re new to this name, the SAS company is one of the world’s best and most reliable companies. SAS Sage is made of olive Dymondwood hard maple and laminated fiberglass limbs; it is the best wooden recurve bow. The SAS recurve takedown bow is hard to beat when it comes to hunting and direct shooting. 

This particular model of SAS Sage is designed by keeping serious archers in mind with guaranteed years of use. The 62-inch takedown bow limbs are made from sturdy maple wood is absolutely upgradable. You can purchase them separately with different draw weights. 

Best recurve bow

Key Features

  • The brass bushings for the brass plunger, sight, stabilizer, and quiver are already installed.
  • It has up to 29″ draw length. 
  • It is economical and the best entry to the intermediate-level.
  • Limbs are separately available to increase or decrease draw weight as per your requirement.
  • The company’s recommended brace height is 7 1/4 to 8 1/4 inches.
  • The material is lightweight maple wood with black fiberglass limbs.
  • They are offering only right-hand orientation.
  • Limbs are interchangeable.


  • Made of hard maple and durable fiberglass
  • Good recurve bow for beginners to intermediate archers
  • Trustworthy Brand
  • A combo package comes with a reasonable price


  • Draw length up to 29 inches
  • Only right-hand orientation
  • Cheap Case

So, we recommend this exceptionally crafted bow for the right hand; once you become an expert shooter, using this recurve bow will be fun for you. They are not only offering the bow but also the Bow String, Arrow Rest, Deluxe Case, Arm Guard, Bow Stringer, and SAS Paper Target. It doesn’t matter whether you are an advanced shooter or a beginner; the SAS Sage is your go-to bow.

3. SinoArt 66″ Metal Riser-Best Competition Bow:

SinoArt Metal Riser recurve bow is made of maple laminations and strong fiberglass limbs. The company also offers a metal riser. The metal riser makes it a perfect choice for competition because most bows used for competition have metal risers. 

The 64″ bow weighs only 2 pounds making it a handy and perfect choice for traveling. SinoArt bow is not explicitly designed for beginners, but it is excellent for all levels of archers because its available draw weights start from 20 lb and go up to 36 lb.

Best recurve bow

Key Features

  • The right-handed bow is available in three colors: red, black, and blue.
  • The high-quality metal riser is made of aluminum, and the limbs are made of fiberglass. 
  • SinoArt bow length is 64″ with up to 21″ draw riser.
  • The draw weight ranges from 20 lb to 36 lb.
  • The cheapest recurve bow with the right-hand archery kit.
  •  A separate metal riser makes it a perfect substitute for other bows.
  • The material used for product making is lightweight maple wood and black fiberglass for limbs.


  • High-quality and comfortable metal riser
  • Great for target shooting and competition
  • Available with different color variations
  • Archery Kit with affordable price


  • Best for practice only
  • Right-hand only
  • Not suitable for professional level

Inshort, SinoArt bow comes with the right-handed archery kit, includes a riser, two bow limbs, bow string, bow stringer, arm guard, finger tab, recurve bow sight, recurve bow arrow rest, two string nocks. In short, this is the best budget bow package you can get for slightly above $100.

4. Bear Archery Grizzly-Best Recurve Bow for Hunting:

Bear Archery Grizzly are traditional bow makers, they did their last design changes 50 years ago, and after that, the design is unaltered till today. It’s the all-rounder bow for both hunters and target shooters with a timeless design.

The Bear Archery weighs 3.3 pounds having a wide range of draw weights from 30 lb to 60 lb. This is not a recurve takedown bow but consists of only one piece. The handle of the bow is made from “future wood”, a process of adding strength and weight to the original wood by placing the handle under vacuum. With this design, they are providing a three years warranty.

Best recurve bow

Key Features

  • Limbs are overlaid with clear maple and coated from the front and back with high-strength black fiberglass.
  • Crowned, cut-on center arrow shelf comes with a leather side plate and bear hair arrow rest.
  • Its draw length is 29″ (estimated).
  • The draw weight ranges from 30 lb to 60 lb.
  • Available with both right-hand and left-hand orientations.
  • Dacron string
  • The iconic design is compatible with modern-day needs.
  • Handcrafted tips and layered with black and white fiberglass


  • Proven brand with a history
  • Silent and Accurate design
  • Handmade craftsmanship
  • Three years warranty


  • High Price
  • No takedown

We recommend this bow as it has a competitive edge over other recurve hunting bows due to its accuracy and soundless nature, perfect for quiet hunting. It shoots arrows smoothly and accurately.

5. AFarchery Turkish Recurve Bow-Best Traditional Bow

AFarchery is one of the traditional recurve bows; its beauty lies in handmade craftsmanship. This recurve bow is made of laminated wood fiberglass. Both tips of the bow and its handle are made of maple wood; wrapping it with cow leather makes it comfortable and different from its counterparts.

The limbs of the bow have a nice wood grain texture. The bow’s maximum draw length is 32″ with a draw weight of 28″. With 400 g in total weight, its lightweight and smooth arrow draw nature make it stand out from the competitors. AFarchery bow will come to you in a package containing a bow, string, and bow bag.

best recurve bow

Key Features

  • Laminated with fiberglass and bamboo, maple wood, ox bone material, and wrapped with cow leather
  • The core material is bamboo.
  • The bow’s length is 46″, and the string’s length is 45″.
  • The draw weight is 28″.


  • Accuracy and smooth shooting
  • comfortable to hold due to cow leather
  • Handmade craftsmanship
  • Durable and lightweight


  • Less Portable
  • No takedown

6. PSE ARCHERY-Best Youth Recurve Bow

PSE Archery Pro is the best beginner bow for entry-level shooters and youth aged up to 11 years.

Its sight adjustable feature is perfect for different distances, making it unique from its counterparts available in the market. The ergonomic design of the PSE Archery comes with a hand riser for comfortable hand positioning, which gives precise target shooting with the bow.  

best recurve bow

Key Features

  • 62 inches hunting recurve bow weighs only 3.5 pounds.
  • Its user-friendly design makes it a perfect beginner recurve bow.
  • Draw weight varies from 15 lb to 35 lb.
  • The bow has an archery set for youth and includes adjustable sight, quiver, three carbon arrows, armguard, finger savers, and recurve stringer.
  • Excellent diamond wood construction comes with high-quality composite limbs and carbon arrows.
  • The 3-piece bow with an easy-to-travel accessory kit makes it the best bow and arrow for teens.


  • The accessory kit included
  • Comfortable to hold due to better positioning with hand riser
  • Good for beginners with draw weight 15 lb to 35 lb
  • Adjustable sight for different distances
  • 28 inches carbon arrows included


  • Not for advanced archers
  • Draw weight under 35 lb

So, The bow’s length is 62 inches and weighs 3.5 pounds with a draw weight up to 35 lb, making it a perfect starter takedown bow. The package includes adjustable sight, quiver, three carbon arrows, an armguard, finger savers, and recurve stringer.

7. Southwest Archery Spyder-Hunting and Target Takedown Bow

Southwest Spyder recurve bow made in the USA, a 62-inch recurve bow made of natural wood, is a perfect combination of lightweight, accuracy, and quality. Spyder takedown bow is an award-winning product and the best choice for those who want to participate in the Olympics.

best recurve bow

With an amazing range of draw weight from 20lb – 60lb 5lb increments, it is perfect for hunting, bow fishing, and target shooting. With a springer tool to assemble or disassemble a bow, it is a perfect choice for everyone, whether a person is a beginner or advanced. 

Key Features 

  • 62 inches takedown bow crafted with natural wood.
  • Both left-hand and right-hand options are available with draw weights of 20lb – 60lb.
  • Already installed threaded bushings for various accessory.
  • The limb tips allow the bow to be a fast draw and compatible with the string.
  • The Stringer tool is optional but remember that the stringer tool is necessary if you want to safely assemble or disassemble your bow.
  • The bow will come to you with a one-year manufacturer warranty.


  • Available both right-handed and left-handed
  • Award-winning bow
  • 1-year warranty included
  • Exceptional quality with an affordable price
  • Good for both beginner and advanced level


  • Limbs sometimes misfit the riser

So, we recommend this as it has an xceptional quality with an affordable price backed with a 1-year warranty, it is one of the top recurve bows. It smoothly shoots due to its recently improved version model.

8. TOPOINT ARCHERY R3Hunting Recurve Bow and Arrows

Topoint Archery right-handed bow is created with a wide range of draw weights from 30 lb to 50 lb. It is one of the best recurve bows, especially for women. The available bow is disassembled, and all you need is a few minutes to assemble the bow. 

Besides, multiple color variations are available, and it comes to you with multiple options to choose from. If you want to try something unique, the Topoint recurve bow won’t disappoint you!

best recurve bow

Key Features 

  • R3 hunting recurve bow is made of aluminum.
  • It is only available with a right-hand orientation.
  • The bow length is 58″ with an 18″ long riser.
  • 30,35,40,45,50 lb draw weights are available.
  • The company offers different color variations: Black, Black camo, Forest Camo, Snow Camo, and Muddy Girl.
  • Following options are available: bow, Five pin optical bow sight, brush arrow rest, rubber stabilizer, Arm Guard, Bow Stringer, Finger Guard, Allen keys, string wax, arrow puller, arrow quiver with 12pcs arrows(color random).
  • Best for hunting, shooting, and fitness


  • Multiple available options
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for women


  • Right-handed only
  • Cheap look and feel

9. Black Hunter 60″-Best Takedown Bow

The Black Hunter bow is the best fit for those who are interested in outdoor training. It is the best recurve bow for hunting and target practice, suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people.

The Hunter bow’s handle is made of bamboo wood and contains two high-elastic fiberglass limbs and a black bowstring; joints are fixed with sturdy screws.

best recurve bow

Key Features 

  • The Hunter bow suits both left-hand and right-hand shooters.
  • Ergonomically designed with advanced bamboo laminates technology
  • Draw weight ranges from 25-60 lb.
  • The takedown feature allows you to change your bow limb to practice different draw weights.
  • The bow is easy to assemble and disassemble by using a stringer tool.
  • They care for their customers and provide 12-month after-sale services.
  • The draw length is 28 inches, perfect for hunting.


  • Multiple available options
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great for women


  • Right-handed only
  • Cheap look and feel

Inshort, the takedown feature is exceptional and gives an edge to beginners so that they can increase or decrease the draw weight for practice. The company also provides 12-month post-purchase services, which any other competitor rarely offers.

10. HYF Recurve Bow-Best for Right-Handed Shooters

The bow is created using magnesium-aluminum alloy and comfortable plastic with a wooden grip. The bow limbs are made of strong fiberglass, making it an overall excellent design internationally fit for all. 

The HYF recurve bow is designed only for right-handed shooters, so they have to hold the bow in their left hand and shoot the arrow with their right hand. 

best recurve bow

The package will include one bow, a pair of bow limbs with covers, one string, a bow stringer tool, and four brass nocks. Moreover, the price is quite affordable with this quality and offered 66/68/70 inch bow length.

Key Features 

  • The HYF bow is designed for right-handed archers.
  • The 66-inch bow is for 26½-inch draw length, the 68-inch bow is designed for draw lengths between 26½ and 29 inches, and the 70-inch bow is crafted for draw lengths 29 inches or longer.
  • Draw weight ranges from 16-44 lb.
  • The 25 inches takedown riser will allow you to draw different weights.
  • This bow will come to you with a one year warranty.


  • Safely assemble and disassemble option using stringer tool
  • One-year warranty
  • Portable due to removable limbs
  • A great package with an incredible price


  • Less customization available

How to Pick a Right Recurve Bow-Buying Guide

Buying the right bow for a hunter or shooter is always crucial because there is so much information available, and it can be overwhelming for anyone to choose the best recurve bow. Here are our few cents on this. 

1. The Length of the Bow:

Are you worried about what bow length you should consider? We have a solution for you. From 48 inches to 72 inches recurve bow length, the draw length should be according to the following table; you need to determine your preferred draw length and select the bow length accordingly.

Draw LengthBow Length
14-16 inches48 inches
17-20 inches54 inches
20-22 inches58 inches
22-24 inches62inches
24-26 inches64-66 inches
26-28 inches66-68 inches
28-30 inches68-70 inches
30-32 inches70-72 inches

As a rule of thumb, longer bows are better for long distances, and shorter bows are great for short distances.

2. The Weight of the Bow:

It depends on the purpose of the bow. You will have to assess your needs whether you are using recurve bow for hunting or target shooting or you want to carry it for travel; everything will decide on the weight of the bow. Remember, the bow weight is different from the draw weight. The bow should be as light-weighted as possible.

3. Draw Length

The draw length differs from the bow length; you should not confuse it with the bow length. The draw length is the most crucial feature to consider before purchasing any recurve bow. If it’s inappropriate, you won’t be able to shoot accurately. 

4. Draw Weight

In simple words, the draw weight measures how much bow string you can draw to shoot an arrow. As an adult beginner shooter, you should consider the draw length less than 40 pounds; for an experienced shooter, it should be above 40 pounds.

Lower draw weight bows shoot slow arrows, and higher draw weight bows can shoot faster arrows. It is another essential feature you must take into account before buying a recurve bow. Mostly, bows are designed with a wide range of draw weights.

5. Price and affordability

The price is not a bow feature, yet it is vital to consider. Many bows are available in the market at low prices, but they fail when it comes to quality and durability. So, you should be careful while choosing a recurve bow; as we’ve mentioned above, a few affordable and durable products worth your money.

6. Best Recurve Bow Brands

Brand or manufacturer is another important thing worth considering when buying a recurve bow; we’ve compared the best bow brands for your ease. You can keep them in mind when making the buying decision, or you can ask for suggestions from a friend or family.

7. Handedness

If you are a right-handed shooter, consider a right-hand bow; if you are left-handed, the left-hand bow will be a perfect choice—also, some companies design bows with both right and left-hand orientations. As a beginner, you should start with the right hand first.

8. Recurve Bows Comparison

We have presented recurve bow reviews from different products and brands/manufacturers; if you consider them, you’ll be able to buy a perfect and suitable bow for yourself. 

9. Arrows Quality

There is no fit for all arrow solutions, and it all depends on the practice; you will have to try different arrows and find the best out there. Aluminum arrows are best for a cheaper budget but consider them if you’re just starting out. 

10. String Quality

High-quality strings are durable and great for prolonged use. Bowstrings come in different sizes and thicknesses. Thicker strings are created for high poundages and better for hunting. Also, strings come in various different colors, but it does not have an impact on the quality of the strings.

11. Limbs and Upgradeability

Limbs are made of fiberglass, a strong material resistant to breaking. The limbs can be changed when you want to upgrade your bow, but this will be possible only if you use a takedown bow that can be assembled and disassembled into parts. With a replaceable limb, you can change different draw weights as you move towards advancement.

12. The Riser

    A good riser is made from aluminum and hardwood, which is a lightweight and durable material. The risers with hardwoods like Maple Diamond wood and redwood are great for optimal performance. The aluminum risers are usually long-lasting and much more durable as compared to wooden risers. 

    The riser should provide a comfortable finger grip and should be able to control string vibrations, and it is only possible with an ergonomic design. This should also provide stability to the archers when they shoot an arrow. 

    13. Warranty

    Sometimes bows have quality issues, and limbs can break earlier than expected. In this case, buying a bow with at least a one-year warranty will save you a lot of headaches. Any damage to the bow or incorrect stringing may void the warranty. 

    14. Your Level-Beginner or Advance

    Before considering a recurve bow, you need to analyze your level of expertise. As a beginner, you should use less draw weights and draw lengths. You can gradually increase draw weights and draw lengths as you get experienced with time.

    Final Words:

    It’s your right to do thorough research before making a buying decision, and we tried our best not to drain your mind but give you a complete roadmap that will help you buy the best recurve bow for yourself.

    We have extracted a few best available recurve bows in the market. They all are worth money, and the bottom line, you have to assess your requirements and budget and figure out which one should be your go-to bow. If you are starting as a beginner, the choices will be different, and if you want to upgrade yourself as an advanced shooter, the beginner’s recurve bow will not be the best fit for you.

    You should take good care of your bow like any other equipment. It can improve the lifetime value of the bow and will last longer than expected, and you will be able to save the money and spend it on something else. 

    Also, some bows come with accessories, and you have to decide what you truly need and then make the decision accordingly. You can always skip the option where the bows come with unnecessary accessories. 

    Last but not least,  Bear Archery Grizzly is the best hunting bow for the money, and AFarchery Turkish Recurve Bow is the best traditional bow, and if you are a right-hand archer shooter, HYF Recurve Bow will be perfect for you. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow is an excellent combination of the best budget, hunting recurve bow and beginner’s go-to bow.