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Recurve bow vs Longbow – Which One Is Good for You

Recurve bow vs Longbow

The sweet sound of the fastly moving Arrow is the cause of attraction for most archers, either beginners or professionals. Are you in love with this sweet sound? Moreover, Do you want a clear view of recurve and Longbow? Do you want to select one between both of them?

As clear from the name, Longbow is longer than the Recurve one. This height is favorable to both in their cases. I mean, Longbow shoots quietly recurve bow shoots forcefully because recurve Bow is shorter than the other one. In Contrast, both bows are easy to restring and maintain.

If you want to discover more about Longbow and Recurve Bow, Here is the thing. Some information about both of them, The contradictions and similarities between the Longbow and Recurve bow, are given in this article. Do you want to answer questions about these Bows? For this, you are in the right place. Let’s dig into it.

Key Differences Between a Recurve Bow and Longbow

Do you want a bow that stands in your control? The smooth And consistent motion of the Bow is the requirement of Every Hunter. Moreover, Do you want to be conscious of the slowness of the Bow? First, you should ask these questions to yourself after entering the Bow shop and before buying the Bow.

Let us further clear the selection of Longbow or Recurve Bow by comparing them in some Properties;

Speed and Power

Are you looking for a powerful Bow which could also make you feel empowered? Recurve bow contains a distinct design of curved limbs at the end. These limbs store more energy as compared to the Longbow. When we release an arrow with much Power, Arrow will travel and hit the target with so much speed and Power, respectively.


Most archers are used to looking for the smooth draw weight of their Bow. Similarly, are you also addicted to the smooth draw weight? Recurve bow is comparatively smoother than the Longbow. But if the Archer’s draw length is equal to the length of the Longbow, only then can the Longbow be smooth. 

Smoothness is the ability of the Bow which helps form the natural taste of the Shooting process. Additionally, most archers would want this natural taste and distribution of weight which is also helped by a Bow with a smooth draw.

Hunting Performance

There are different remarks of the users regarding the hunting performance in Longbow vs. Recurve Bow. Remarks of archers in favor of the Longbow because Takedown Recurve Bow possesses limb pockets that produce unwanted Noise while drawing the Bow. This Noise is the problem with Hunting performance.

Some archers prefer the Recurve Bow over Longbow regarding Hunting performance. Recurve bow possesses two dominant qualities over Longbow: speed and Power. A powerful Shot makes the Hitting accurate on the target because of the Arrow’s high speed. Less accuracy and low Power make the Longbow rare for Hunting.


Are you in love with traditional Archery? Do you follow the Ancient Archers? If yes then it would be best if you went for the Bow with a more historical record than the other one. This will give you motivational support for Archery. Longbows are superior to Recurve Bows in the matter of Nostalgia.

Moreover, the Ancient bows were like the Longbow design rather than the Recurve one. You may have seen such designed bows in classic films like Robin Hood. So if you want to get the vibes of the Middle ages, then go for the Longbow.

Size and Mobility

The size of a bow makes you think about whether you carry it with you when you go on a trip with your friends. In this way, size matters a lot because it affects the mobility of the Bow. Every Archer would like to have such a Bow which should be with him on the Journey.     

Recurve Bows are smaller than Longbows. Small things are easy to carry rather than long ones. Additionally, Recurve Bows are easily broken down into small pieces and can again be assembled into a complete bow. This makes Recurve Bow portable and movable. Although, Few Longbows make this option available, not preferred.   


Every Archer would like to have a Bow which stays for a long run, but if you think smartly, you may prefer to have Bow which is repairable means whose affected parts can be replaced. Would you like to have such Bows? As Recurve Bow can be separated into small pieces similarly, its defective parts can also be replaced. 

Recurve Bows are versatile because they have tuning options for their users. Moreover, Some bows allow you to swap out limbs to bring some adjustments so that we may get a fine Recurve Bow. You can use arrow rest, sights, and stabilizers to modify your Recurve Bow. To have stronger Draw muscle, Limbs can be replaced.   


Quietness sounds peaceful, but the Noise irritates everybody. Are you looking for a Bow which doesn’t create Noise while drawing the Bow? Longbows are noiseless as compared to Takedown Recurve Bows. Flexing limbs and more vibration of strings of Recurve bows produces Noise, but limbs of longbows flex only at the time of use.


The material of the string and the way of attachment of the cord with limbs in Bow’s performance matters a lot. In this case, Recurve bows are beneficial because the attachment cord of recurve with both limb tips transforms the stored energy of limbs into the Arrow kinetic energy. Recurve bow’s string is made up of modern synthetic material. 

Similarities Between a Recurve Bow and LongBow

Properties of Longbow

Longbow is a tall typed bow that can draw fairly long draws. Lightweight and Smooth pulling are the best qualities of such bows. Let me inform you, Longbow is casually used for shooting-type activities, and in a few situations, it can be used for Hunting.

Astonishing Features

  • Simple and also used
  • Easier on fingers and joints
  • Easy shooting gives accuracy

Properties of Recurve bow

Laminations of fiberglass give the speed to the Recurve bow. Every Hunter would need this ability of speed. Recurve bow has a distinct design from Longbow, making it more powerful. Additionally, helps in concentrating Power on the Arrow. A powerful short would make you feel proud of yourself.

 Prominent Features

  • Easily Stored and transported.
  • Additional limbs increase Drawing weight.
  • Versatile typed Bow
  • Curved Design makes Powerful
  • Referred for Olympics

Recurve Bow vs. Longbow: Which one is Best?

We just provided you with a mirrored view of both bows in the above discussion. The final decision will be yours based on your preferences. While choosing the Bow, keep accessories that come with each style in mind. Ask yourself, What are my shooting goals? Let me reveal, Archers at a competitive level prefer Recurve Bow over Longbow.

Closing Words

Similarities and dissimilarities, along with the benefits of various features, were presented in front of you. Although Each Bow possesses unique beneficial aspects, you will decide which best supports your shooting style.

Among both we recommend using recurve bow because comparatively, the High Performance, Small size, and adjustability of the Recurve bow make it able to give needed accuracy and speed to the Archer. More specifically whether you choose recurve or longbow you should stick with your decision, and sooner or later, you will get your reward.

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