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Best Recurve Bow for Target Shooting (Beginners to Professional Level)

Tidewe Target Shooting Recurve Bow Best For Beginners, Best Recurve Bow for Target Shooting

Do you want a simple takedown bow or a single-piece recurve bow? How much can you pay for this? And a lot more questions like this. All these things significantly impact making a decision for the best recurve bow for target shooting. There are many more recurve bows and bows-making companies through which you can easily promote your gadget to the next level. Making the best choice out of all other decisions can be overwhelming. Most people are brand conscious and use the same brand for a lifetime. But each person has their characteristics and values. So, whether you are purchasing a bow for the first time or looking forward to upgrading your existing one, this article will cover everything regarding this. We have listed the top 6 recurve bows for shooting that professional archers trust. 

Tidewe Target Shooting Recurve Bow: Best For Beginners

Tidewe Target Shooting Recurve Bow Best For Beginners, Best Recurve Bow for Target Shooting

Beginner archers, rejoice! The Tidewe Recurve Bow is the best budget option for getting into archery. Weighing 2.45 pounds: this bow boasts an ergonomic grip that makes maintaining proper form a breeze, even for novices. And despite its affordable price tag, the Tidewe Recurve Bow still comes loaded with extras, including a sight, finger tab, and six arrows in the kit.

This target-shooting recurve bow features wooden limbs laminated with fiberglass, which is solid and durable. And with a draw-weight range of 20 to 50 pounds, the Tidewe Recurve Bow can be tailored to your preferences, whether you’re a beginner looking for a more manageable draw weight or an experienced archer.

This bow is perfect for taking down deer and other small games at close range. You must be within 30 yards of your prey to make a successful shot. This bow is the perfect fit for a teenager or young child with a body weight of over 50 kg and a height of around 5 feet and 8 inches.


  • Perfect for teenagers with a considerable draw length
  • Incredible quality string for consistent shots
  • High-powered shot for a strong impact
  • Thirty-inch arrows may work for people with considerable draw lengths. So, it is a plus for those whose draw length is significant.
  • Lightweight design for easy handling
  • Arrows are top-notch for accurate shots
  • 16-strand bowstring works well for novices and experienced archers for target shooting and hunting


  • Also works for indoor target shooting or practice.
  • Good value for the money
  • Carbon arrows are well-suited for beginners and experienced archers.


  • Only suitable for right-handed individuals
  • A thick riser may not be comfortable for everyone

CXP Takedown Recurve Bow: Best For Youth

CXP Takedown Recurve Bow Best For Youth

Apart from other simple wooden recurve bubbles, which can easily break after a few weeks of its production, it has more longevity and operates smoothly. Its limbs give the best performance because of its fiberglass-made construction. Through its fiberglass material, players perform nicely and provide the best output. Its riser is made up of super coasted organic bamboo, which helps to shoot the target ideally while starting the game with recurve bow for target shooting. 

Contrary to other normal recurve bows, none of its components is made of plastic material, which has more disadvantages (usually easy breakage is most popular) than others. Assembling this recurve bow is relatively easy; install it and see the best results. 

Key Features

  • Get the best target due to its 3D performance
  • More efficient bow hunting because of the 60-inch size
  • Glassharrier is helpful for all necessary factors
  • Easily accessible for everyone due to less price
  • The best combination of tradition and precision


  • Best for both beginners and professionals
  • Smooth right-handed recurve bow
  • Loaded with all necessary types of equipment
  • Best customer support


  • In some packages, limbs are backward


TACHYON ARCHERY Recurve Bow, Best Recurve Bow for Target Shooting

Fond of the specific product, which uses the lamination technology, you can quickly get the Tachyon archery target shooting to recurve bow. Its riser is fully laminated with bamboo material, protecting it from breakage. 

It is walnut, and black fiberglass is the best choice. Most recurve bows are just standard and are not burdensome. Tachyon archer bow for target shooting is comparatively rigid and performs better than during target shooting. 

Tachyon archery is the best product for distinctive users and people. Most archers and hunters recommend it to the other players because they love to play with it in a relaxed and chill mood. These things increase its popularity and functionality.

Key Features

  • Loved by young and adult players due to its modern design
  • Used by both Right & handed players due to multi orientated
  • Easy to assemble After reading instructions
  • Applicable on any occasion for fishing and hunting
  • Operable in horse riding 


  • Very smooth target bow to shoot with
  • Affordable
  • Silent and Stable recurve bow 
  • Performs accurate shoots


  • The look is non-interesting

Vogbel Takedown Recurve Bow: Best for Right-Handed Shooters

Vogbel Takedown Recurve Bow Best for Right-Handed Shooters

It’s no time to search more for the specific bows that operate well for right-handed target shooters. Vogbel takedown is best for these types of players. The bow will be placed in your left hand, then pull the string from your right hand. It has done this because left-handed bows are operated with the left hand by placing them in the right hand. 

Using the bow, some instructions can be in your notice before operating the hunting bow. Players are advised not to increase the draw weight because their bow’s limbs will get damaged. Some players keep attaching the arrow to the bow for much time, which is forbidden. By connecting it for more time, weight can be reduced. 

Key Features

  • Very comfortable due to its metal riser design
  • The finely finished rubber handle is easy to hold
  • A reliable wooden core leads to giving the best performance
  • Focus more on your target with a powerful bowstring
  • Hunt more marks with less amount of time


  • Shooting bow at less price
  • Quickly Shoot in longer distances
  • The mostly likable shape of the bow


  • The adjusted screw can be removed

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Type of bows are Used for Target Shooting?

All types of bows can be used in target shooting, i.e., Longbows, Recurve bows, Bare Bows, and compound bows. Target archery (shooting) is the most common and popular Type. Players get shots at the stable position and hit the target at longer distances. 

Which is the best bow for target shooting as a beginner?

Out of all bows available at the market, Recurve bows are best for target shooting. These types of bows lead you to learn the basics of archery with a cost-effective variety. 

Are Compound bows best for Target Shooting?

Yes, compound bows can be used for both target shooting and hunting. Every archer of any skill set easily manipulates these. Their designs help the archers to perform best in their related field of choice. 

Which One is the Best Recurve Bows For Target Shooting

Whether a recurve bow suits you the best, ensure you have the best strings for your selected bow. Many options are available for choosing the best recurve bow for target shooting, but you should be able to Jord down your findings and research based on your required draw length and suitable draw weight. 

There are also numerous best colors for these types of bows. Make sure to scan every recurve bubble suitable for target shooting and hunting. The CXP takedown recurve bow is our top pick due to its best performance, smoothness, durability, and for precise target shooting.

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