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Best Youth Recurve Bow: Select Out of Top Rated Reviews

There is no better time than the present for a teen or young person you know who has shown interest in learning about archery or bowhunting. Archery is an activity for everyone. It has several benefits since it teaches self-control, responsibility, and the safety of others and yourself. Most significantly, it may empower young people and instill confidence in them. Finding the right equipment is the first step, whether your child’s ultimate objective is to get them ready for competitive target shooting or bowhunting.

You may choose from thousands of possibilities, from inexpensive bows to expensive bows, from ordinary bows to premium feature bows at a budget price if you search for “youth bows.” What should you decide? I’ve compiled a list of the best youth recurve bows for beginners to make things easier, taking into account the height and weight of children and the quality and durability of the bow.

The youth recurve bows don’t have to be manufactured by unreliable companies or from substandard components. You could uncover fantastic deals with excellent features even on a tight budget. If you choose a bow from this list, you may rely on its high quality and durability.

The Best Youth Recurve Bow Available in The Market

A detailed buying guide will assist you in selecting the finest inexpensive recurve bow that meets your requirements in terms of ability, cost, level of hunting, quality, and bow durability. Using our thorough guidance might help you save time or effort.

1- Southwest Archery Recurve Bow 

Southwest Archery Best Youth Recurve Bow

The riser of the bow is made of wood so it is durable. The limbs can accept a draw weight from 20 lb to 60 lb, extendable to 65lb. It is a wide range of draw weights. This feature makes the bow a special one. Teenage and young children can use this bow for target practice or shooting in a backyard. In a nutshell, children of age greater than 12 or having a weight in the range 70 lb to 130 lb can easily use this bow. Children of 7 to 12 years may use this bow if they buy a finger tab or shooting glove.

The Spyder includes reinforced limb tips that can accommodate FastFlight bowstrings, which typically is not the case in most takedown versions.The riser comes with pre-installed brass bushings. It enables the use of bowhunting attachments like a quiver, sight, or stabilizer. Even more, arrow rests, and bow fishing reels can be attached.


  1. Takedown design
  2. Fiberglass laminated limbs
  3. Overall Bow Length: 62 inches.
  4.  Include Components: Riser (RH or LH), Dacron String, Pair of matching limbs, Arrow Rest,
  5. Brace Height: upto to 8.5 inches.
  6. Draw length; 29 inches


  • Affordable Price
  • Fit and Finish is good. 
  • Right and Left-handed versions


  •  A few people complained about packaging being poor.

2- KESHES Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow : 

KESHES Takedown Hunting Recurve Bow

Due to the wide variety of draw-weights starting at 15 pounds, it is convenient for use by teenagers, young children  and younger people. In a nutshell, children of 12 years or more and weigh from 70 lb to 130 lb can easily use this bow. Professional archers can use the 55-pound draw-weight models for hunting purposes. The brass bushings that are attached to this bow make upgrades simple.

The knob screw on limbs makes it can be taken down, you can be assured that you can bring it wherever you go. The riser’s softened edges provide a comfortable grip. Both persons who prefer using their left or right hand may use this bow!

Key Features:

  1. 14 Strands Dacron string
  2. Pre-installed brass bushings
  3. Target sheet
  4. Stringer tool
  5. Bowstring Nocks
  6. Eye sight
  7. Draw length: 29 inches


  • Great value for money.
  • Affordable pricing for premium quality
  • Bowfishing and Deer hunting


  • Finish is good but not outstanding 
  • Strings are sometimes not included

3- Tidewe Recurve Bow Set for Youth:

Tidewe Recurve Bow Set for Youth

Even though it weighs only 2.45 pounds, the riser’s grip is particularly ergonomic. As a result, you may concentrate on proper form more effectively as a novice since you can handle the bow consistently and accurately.

The range of draw weight is 20 to 50 pounds. For a novice , 20 is a more suitable draw weight, but if you wish, you can still have it strong enough for hunting. In a nutshell, older children with body weights from 75 lb to 100 lb or age above 12 years can use this bow. The model’s remarkable feature is that despite its inexpensive cost, it still has a tonne of extras like a sight and finger tab. Six arrows are even included in the kit.

Key Features:

  1. Bow Length: 62 inches 
  2. Draw length: 29 inches
  3. 16-strand Dacron arrow string
  4. Carbon arrows


  • Takedown design
  • Price less than $100
  • Finger guard
  • Lightweight


  •  Right-handed orientation only

4- Bear Titan Archery Youth Bow: 

Bear Titan Archery Youth Bow

A great bow for your 12-year-old child or above is the Bear Archery Titan Bow. This bow has sufficient power with a draw weight range of 20 to 30 lbs. The string is a cheap polyester that can easily break after a few shots, which is the biggest weakness of this bow.  It is a recommendation to buy a new string.

The package also includes a sight pin, finger tab to hold the bow easily, armguard, and arrow quiver. All these accessories add value to the bow. The draw length of 28 inches makes it possible to spit out arrows. Your kids will have hours of fun shooting with this bow thanks to the grip’s comfort and design that reduces hand fatigue.


  1. Bow length: 60 inches
  2. Limbs of composite material


  • Affordable
  • Very light bow
  • Left and right-hand orientations
  • Has a good draw weight
  • Backyard shooting


  • String quality is too bad
  • Not a takedown bow

5. DOSTYLE Bow For Outdoor Training: 

DOSTYLE Bow For Outdoor Training

This 44 inches long bow is lightweight.The draw length is 22 to 24 inches will give enough power to arrows so that children can use it for target shooting in a backyard. The draw weight that this bow accepts is in the range 16 lb to 20 lb. It is suitable for children of 12 years or more having weight in a range 85 lb to 130 lb.

Firstly, this bow gives enough power to arrows; secondly, the arrows have metal tips. If you shoot them properly, they may damage your vinyl fence and puncture boxes, and dent a wall too.


  1. Soft grip
  2. Right and Left-handed orientations
  3. Arrow length: 29 inches
  4. Fiberglass laminated limbs


  • Powerful shoot
  • Easy to string the bow
  • Easy to use


  • Nocks does not fit 
  • Poor quality arrows

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can a 7-year-old shoot an arrow?

Children as young as seven can practice archery. While USA Archery suggests beginning at age eight. However, younger children can still use safe, toy-like bows that are tiny and help them to learn rules and form.

What is the draw weight of my child?

The necessary draw weight for your child depends on how physically strong they are, so you should consider that. But as a general rule, you can go by their body weight. If child weight is under 100 lb,  a suitable draw weight is 10 lb to 15 lb. If weight is above 100 then suitable draw weight is 15 lb to 25 lb.

What recurve bow weight is ideal for beginners?

For starters, the actual bow weighs should not be more than 3.4 pounds. Purchase a bow that is at least twice the length of your draw.

For my height, what size recurve bow do I need?

A bow of length 64 inches is suitable for height upto  5 foot 6 inches. Bow of length 66 inches is suitable for 5 foot 10 inches.   

Which One is The Best Recurve Bow For Youth

While choosing a bow for youth, it is necessary to consider the age, height, and weight of children, along with the quality and durability of the bow. 

If you want a bow that you and your family members can use regardless of the age, “Keshes takedown recurve” is the best option. But for shooting competition “Southwest Archery Spyder” is suitable for you. The best budget bow for older children is ”Tidewe takedown recurve bow”. For children of 8 to 14 years “Titan Bow” is the best option.

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