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What Size Recurve Bow Do I Need (Quickly pick yours)

You may have noticed the bow size. What exactly does bow size affect the Length and draw weight? Are they affected or not? You may question, Which Size do I need for my recurve bow? Such questions matter a lot these days. In this article, we will answer such questions.

You can use a recurve bow after calculating size with the draw weight and recurve bow draw length. Usually, measurement is taken by figuring out the Wingspan divided by 2.5. This provides you with a perfect size for your start-up. Moreover, You may have noticed that bow size is measured in inches from 48 to 72 inches.

Methods to Figure Out the What Size Recurve Bow I Need

There are a lot of methods to find out the best size of recurve bow. However, it is best to go with the expert’s reviews (opinion) to perform the best. Now, we will discuss various methods to find the size of recurve bow:

Using Draw length To Find Recurve Bow Size

The size of the compound bow or recurve bow draw length is the most important thing to consider. It refers to the distance of the bowstring at full draw from the arrow rest. For longer arms, the distance will be much larger and vice versa. Drawing the Length that suits you well will help you use your bow’s estimated power.

To measure the Draw Length of your recurve bow, measure the “Wingspan,” which is the distance between fingertips, one with the bow and the other with your arm outstretched. After measuring Wingspan, calculate the Draw length by dividing, Wingspan by 2.5. This will give you the draw length of your recurve bow.

Usually, Manufacturers used to list the Draw Length of the product. In case of its absence, you may go for AMO or ATA bow length, which roughly used to be double the Draw length. Moreover, You will find the Draw lengths and their connections with the Size of Recurve bow. Draw lengths and related Bow sizes in inches are given below.

Draw lengthBow Size

Using Draw Weight To Find Bow Size

Draw weight is the force required to pull the bowstring as much as possible. This means force in the Draw Weight of a recurve bow will be similar while lifting equal weight from the ground. The higher power we provide Higher will be the Draw Weight. It seems that Draw Weight doesn’t have any link with bow size, but due to the rule of thumb, The Draw Weight will be higher if the Recurve bow is greater.

While picking up the Recurve bow, Draw weight should also be considered for two reasons. One is that Draw Weight is helpful in the size of the Recurve bow. Another reason is that a Stronger person could handle a Higher Draw Weight, but beginners can’t; that’s why they are recommended to Recurve bow with Low Draw Weight. 

Recurve bows with various Draw weights would be convenient for archers of various sizes. The higher the Draw weight, the more difficult it will be for Beginners in Archery to handle the Recurve Bow, and it could be dangerous for them while shooting the bow. The table between the Draw Weight of Recurve bows and Archers of various sizes is given below.

Archer SizeRecurve Draw Weight(lbs)
Small Child 10- 15
Large Child15-25
Small Women25-35
Large Women30-45
Small Man30-45
Medium Man40-55
Large Man45-60

Here Question arises How is draw weight helpful in Recurve Bow size? But it helped indirectly when we learned about size category; then we can calculate our Recurve Bow size by using the recurve bow size for height by the table.

Using Archer Height To Find Bow Size

Archer height can be an easy way to give you an idea about the size of your Recurve bow. It will not accurately help you in the matter of the Size of the Bow, but you can estimate from your height which sized bow suits you better. Let me explain to you. A taller person will need a large Recurve bow. A table of comparison is given below.

Archer Height(Inches)Bow Length (Inches)
Under 5’6”48-54
Over 6’2”68-72

How Would You Determine What Size Bow You Need?

It depends on two main factors that you work with the correct Sized Recurve bow; What do you want to do with the bow, Target Shooting or Hunting? And what is your Draw Length? When Recurve bow is used for just Target Shooting, it creates a different environment, while Hunting creates different circumstances for Archer.

Draw Weight and Draw Length are two main factors that can be helpful to an archer while choosing his bow. Draw weight refers to the maximum force required to pull the bowstring. If Your purpose is just Target Shooting at just Local range and if You are a beginner, Your Draw Weight should be 25 lbs or 11 kg, which demands less effort.

But if You are Using Recurve bow for Hunting purposes, you should hit with something with more punches meaning a higher Draw Weight. For Hunting required draw weight should be at least 40lbs or 18 Kg to go deep in layers of skin and fat of deer or elk. Beginners should go for a bow with less Draw Weight for practice.

Draw Length is also a factor that helps you while choosing Recurve Bow of your Size because it provides you with a ballpark figure to use. Although most people don’t believe in Draw Length’s effectiveness when you will pull the bow back, your recurve bow size for height will be a factor. 

How To Choose Bow Size Which Everyone Needs the Most — Key Factors

Bow size Construction

The bow size is made up of Limbs along with the Riser. The standard riser size is 25 inches, and when we combine it with the Size of the Limbs, we will get Bow Size. Long limbs with a standard riser will give you a Recurve bow with a 70-inch size. While medium limbs will provide you with a 68-inch bow, short limbs will give you a 66-inch bow.

Draw Length affects Bow Length.

Draw Length affects the Bow Size, not your height because the taller you are more your Draw Length will be regarding Bow Size. That’s why you should consider Draw Length when choosing Recurve bow size, not your height.

Speed Of Bow and Vibes Of Bow Size

It is generous that a Recurve bow with a Longer size feels smoother and expands through the clicker compared to a Shorter sized bow. At the same time, a Shorter bow feels Quick than a Longer one. These factors should also be considered while making any final decision regarding Bow size.

Sizing Your Self According To Bow Size

Sizing Yourself according to Recurve bow involves taking a short measurement of your body and then doing some calculations to have a final estimate of recurve bow Draw Length. You can determine your Draw Length by taking measurements of the Wingspan of your outstretched arms and then dividing the figure by 2.5 to have the final result. 

Closing Remarks of Fit Size I need for Recurve Bow

The Question about what sized Recurve Bow an archer should use is almost solved in this article. You must deeply understand Your Draw Length, Height, and Draw weight to decide about the Size of Your Recurve bow. Moreover, If You are a beginner in Archery, you should go for a bow with a size according to less Draw Weight because a bow with a large Draw Weight can be harmful.

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